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For once,  a service that is catered to you, the nursing community! Bridge Referral Network is a subscription-based legal networking service for the nursing community. At Bridge Referral Network, our goal is to bridge the gap between nurses and attorneys. Now, you can join other nurses who have trusted BRN to connect them to trusted attorneys. 

No Referral Fees

The attorneys who have been trusted by Bridge Referral Network can not pay to receive referrals. 

Specialized Services

We have a network of attorneys in all areas of law. Whatever the need is, we have attorneys who can help you. 

Billboard Attorney, No way! 

We do not seek billboard attorneys. They get enough advertisement. We seek smaller law firms that can provide a more detailed level of customer service. 

Reduced Attorney Fee 

Attorneys /Law Firms have agreed to reduce their fee for any subscribers of Bridge Referral Network. 

No Bar Complaints

We believe in sending good people to good people. That is why we have hand-picked attorneys who do not have bar complaints.

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